Goal Setting

Successful goal setting is an art and this needs a plan to lead to positive results for your future. Did you ever think about how you get from point A to point Z when you are going to visit family or friends in another state?

First we sit down and with a map in front of us and determine the best route to take to get from where we are, to where we want to be. When we begin our trip we look at the directions or map and say we want to take route number ### until we get to *****. We continue to do this throughout the trip, as we inch our way from one point to another. We don’t start the trip with memorized directions and think of the whole route in our head until we arrive at our destination.

You make plans for your future when you have a goal that needs to be accomplished by taking one step at a time, something like building a house. Goal setting needs to be done in a certain order to get the final results that you desire.

So if small things like taking a trip or building a house you take the time to make plans for but you never sat down and thought it was important to make a plan for your life, maybe it's time to think again. Without a plan you are basically going with the flow, you don’t really want to accomplish anything specific. If an opportunity jumps out in front of you then you decide if you want to advantage of it. You have no solid goals for the future to know where you would like to be in five years from now. When your day starts the only important thought you may have is to look forward to, is what you're going to have for dinner and what you're going to watch on television after you eat. Day to day survival takes the forefront and you focus on your short term goals but not on any long term.

To make a plan for your future using goal setting strategies, you need to start with one simple realization… what would you like to be doing five years from now. Maybe you would like to be promoted at your job, be at a job that you enjoy more, be self employed, buy a new house, or move to a new town. Wherever your imagination and passion take you, write down on a piece of paper what you would like to be doing five years from now. You have now completed step one.

Now decide on what you would need to do to get where you want to be. These thoughts may entail things such as, place x amount of money in savings weekly, take a college class or learn and memorize everything I can about my company that would help to advance my career. Every step that you can think of they may be needed to ensure your success needs to be written down under your main goal. You have now completed step number two in your goal setting.

Look at your list. You've got your main goal on top and then your smaller goals listed underneath. Place your smaller goals in the order of which they would need to be completed to get you to the next level. Now you will place you focus on your first small goal to get you headed in the direction of what you desire in life. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to complete this step, some may take longer than others and a couple of them you may be able to work on completing at the same time. The important thing is you have now established a direction of focus.

Without a plan for your future and without knowing what direction you need to go and a map to get you there, you will flounder and travel in circles or just sit and watch the days pass you by. Goal setting is an art that guaranties your success at finding your way. Place your map of notes in a drawer or another safe place so that you can continue to remind yourself of the next step in your plan that you want to place your concentration on.

As long as there are maps you will always stay focused on your path and you will always find your way to your destination. "Your thoughts express who are, so if you are not who you want to be, you'll need to change your way of thinking."

Happiness Always, Susan
Author, Cobwebs of the Mind

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