Fear Kills Your Dreams

Fear Kills Your Dreams until you change your beliefs.

Your beliefs are what cause fear to manifest in your life. These are false beliefs that restrict you and keep the true you buried deep inside. As discussed in the book, Return to Love, there are only two true emotions in life – one being Love and the other being Fear.

All of your positive thoughts lead back to love while all of your negative thoughts lead back to fear.

Fear is a powerful emotion.

Try looking at life in a broader perspective. Image that everything that you do was already planned out. Imagine that it is a part of a special plan designed to help you grow and develop your own special uniqueness to reveal to the world.

Think for just a moment how different your life would be if you knew – without a doubt -- that you couldn't fail. Would your attitude change? Imagine knowing that any feeling you may have of being inadequate is always a lie, and then walk through that fear, regardless of how real it seems to be.

Every challenge in your life is placed there for just one reason: so that you can outgrow whatever doubts and limitations that your mind conjures up to hold you back. Don’t let fear kill your dreams from becoming reality.

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