Emotional Wellness Reduces Stress

Make an attentive habit to spend extra time enjoying the company of friends, acquaintances, and the ones you love. Relationships provide not only a sounding board for stress relief but a chance to hear another’s perspective on a topic that may help you resolve a stressful situation.

Keep positive affirmations or quotations in a place that you can see them daily (on a mirror or computer). When negative thoughts fester in your mind you will become blind to the positive aspects of the situation. Bringing your thoughts back to positive can help to override the negative.

Learn a relaxation technique that you can administer as soon as a stressful event presents itself. Try this Breathing Relaxation Technique or Quick Fix Meditation Exercise

Taking the time to strengthen your emotional wellness will alleviate stressful episodes as well as enhance your health and reinforce your relationships with a stronger more positive outlook.

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