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Do you feed negative energy into your life without realizing it? Do you hold onto negative thoughts? Do you dwell on imperfections? Do you use negative self talk to belittle yourself?

Many individuals bring more stress into their lives without even realizing that they are doing it. Sometimes it’s done out of pure habit.

But let me ask you, does it serve you any purpose? Do you acquire any benefits? If it doesn’t - then its time to let the stress go and get healthy. The most common physical symptoms of stress are irritability, fatigue and lack of energy, or motivation.

Here are a few pages of abc-stress that can help you begin (or continue) to reduce some stressors in your life and point you towards becoming a more positive thinker.

Are you sleeping poorly? See Sleep Tips to help you gain energy from proper sleep habits.

Trying to deal with past hurts and place them behind you? See Emotional Scars to help you start to understand and eliminate those negative thoughts you have about yourself.

Irritable with everyone around you? See Identifying your unhappiness to pinpoint the changes you may need to make in your life for You to be happy.

Experiencing more stress at work? See Reducing Job Stress so that you can look forward to going to work every morning.

Lost your motivation? See Motivation is… to get you on a path that moves forward to positive thinking.

Spend time at and delve into the many reasons why you feel stress and how you can take action steps to eliminate those negative stressors from your life.

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