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Creating balance and control ,Disabling the stress for a good night’s sleep !
June 01, 2014

Disabling the Stress
for a good night’s sleep !

There is way too much going on in our busy days and many of us (including me) find it hard to wind down and get some rest at night but a good night’s sleep is Essential to maintain good health and decrease the stressors we face each day.

Many times sleep doesn’t come easy and we lay there envious as we listen to our partner snoring away in that restful slumber.

Is your mind racing thoughts as you are trying to convince it to take a break so you can get some restful sleep?

If you haven’t tried this then you’re probably still arguing those points with your brain.

Music is a natural mind blocker, it takes the mind off worrying and racing thoughts as you focus on the sounds so it's viewed as a relaxation technique. But how can you listen to music when your partner views it as annoying when he/she is trying to catch some Zzzz?

It’s very easy with a simple pillow speaker that slides under your pillow and only you can hear the sounds. I’ve used them for many years. I plug my speakers into the headphone jack of my CD player but you can use an assortment of devices as noted in this advertisement.

Limited sleep raises our stress levels so if you have this problem try this as your solution.

Check it out here … Pillow Speakers

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