Developing Good Habits

Developing Good Habits and changing bad habits are an art in themselves. Mind control and focus and motivation are your strongest allies.

Most things that you do in a given day are habits that are processed through your subconscious. So when you feel you are on auto pilot it’s because you are repeating patterns that are habitual to you and not something that you necessarily have to focus on to accomplish.

The problem lies in any bad habits you may or may not be aware of. If you have a habit you want to change, write it down and only focus on changing this one habit. If you’re looking for self improvement as how others perceive you, ask a friend what you might be able to work at becoming better at. Someone outside looking in has more perception and objectivity on any negative habits you may be overlooking.

It has been said that it takes 28 days to change or make a habit an automatic response. If you try to change your life in 28 days you can’t focus on every detail. You will be more successful if you just focus on the one change at a time and then move to the next.

If you are finding it hard to start a good habit or to stop a bad one – set a small time frame to meet and a reward that you are going to give yourself once you meet the goal then set the next goal and reward until ultimately you will integrate the habit as a natural way of life.

Other than rewards to keep you motivated on change, you always want to replace a negative habit with a positive to fill the void you may have when removing a negative habit out of your life.

Your habits predict your future, either good or bad, so this is always a great place to look when you want your life to take natural turn for the good.

See the importance of motivation to help you stay on track when changing a habit.

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