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July 01, 2016

Destination Happiness?

How many times have you based your moods and your happiness on what was just out of grasp. It is most important to live in the present - to look around you and practice appreciation for all that you have. To find peace and contentment with your plans for the future. Life should be a journey of curiosity, wonder and excitement. Meaning that each step should be experienced, felt and enjoyed - for these moments will never come again.

Happiness is right here with you in this moment.

When you get to the advanced years and you look back you don't want to look back with regret that you spent too much time searching and not enough time living. Always practice to be alert. Continuously stop yourself and recognize what is going on around you, take a deep breath and focus on the sounds, the smells and the feelings that these things generate.

You create the world around you. You create the happiness that you experience. Live well, live happy.

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