Depression or Bipolar

Looking through the pane

Morgan stood in front of the sliding glass doors. There was a glimpse of something there, something on the other side. She placed the palm of her hand and fingertips on the glass. It was cold to the touch. There seemed to be a slight movement on the other side of the glass. As she looked closer, looked through the pane she caught a glimpse of a familiar face, the reflection of herself, a fragmented piece of her life that she no longer could connect with but was only a haunting memory of her past. She looked at the hand pressed against the glass on the other side. She wanted so desperately to reach through the pane and reunite with her other self. She felt so alone. The tears trickled down her cheeks but in her eyes there wasn’t a reflection of pain it was a reflection of sadness, a stare into nowhere, her thoughts moving her through a maze. She was helplessly searching for a way out, a way to the other side.

This is one of the ways that Morgan views depression. Being one person separated by some force, each feeling and living in a different dimension. They move parallel with each other never able to reach out and connect as one, both moving as if being programmed and directed by an unseen entity. Every moment being weighted and heavy, every second stretching as if put into slow motion. Doing what needed to be done but not understanding why, accept that she had an obligation to continue the battle. (Copied from the book, Creating Balance in a World of Stress.)

Sadly most people cannot relate to what is only known to them as “bipolar” so for those that suffer the wrath of this mental illness it is a lonely world, one of which they feel rejected.

Lack of understanding is only due to the lack of knowledge.

To educate yourself more on the affects of bipolar and the ways that you can help yourself or a loved one who suffers from this illness see Bipolar Disorder Uncovered

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