Dealing with Work Stress

Are you dreading heading off to work each day? Do you feel you have reached a burnout point in your job?

Most negativity comes from the way in which we perceive our job and how we handle the day to day challenges.

There is a brief story which I will condense further for your interpretation. – I once met up with some men on a farm who were busy digging holes. I asked the first man what he was doing, he said I am digging many holes in the ground. I then ask the second man and he said I am working to earn a paycheck to support my family so then I ventured to a third and asked him what he was doing he said I am planting many vegetables that help to make the people in our community strong so that each day we can flourish. Our children can thrive in school and our families can all be healthy and strong.

So before you go to work ask yourself, “What am I doing today?” Whatever your position is you are striving to make someone else’s life a little better. They are doing the same for you and others. Find the passion in whatever it is that you are doing.

If you need to infuse a little more relaxation in your workday try learning a little bit more about work stress and how to deal with it by visiting the pages below.

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