Change Happens

Many changes occur over our lifetime. Change happens in Careers and jobs, changes in relationships with many individuals happen, we become independent and down the road our children strike out to find their own way in the world. What we can absolutely count on for certain is that Change Happens and change will always be constant in our lives.

Sometimes we look forward to change and other times we dread its presence but either way – there’s no stopping change from taking place.

So the difference in the outcome depends on our perception of the change - how will we choose to accept it? Fear of the unknown can be exciting when you want the change to take place or it can be paralyzing when the change is unexpected and unwanted. You must always remind yourself that there is positive and negative in ALL situations. If you view the change as negative you will only focus on the negative points and blind yourself to all of the positive that is involved – and yes, as I said there is always positive but you have to be willing to look from that perspective.

We always walk away from any experience more knowledgeable than before it occurred. We grow, learn and develop into the person we are today. Thousands of changes will still take place in our lives yet to be. When the change is in a career field we are stronger for the knowledge we have built, in relationships each person learns from the other an abundance of awareness and understanding of the world.

Trust that when change happens it has its purpose – always list the positive outcomes that came about through change – and always be ready to place fear to the side and move forward knowing that the road has already been paved and awaiting for your footsteps to arrive.

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