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Author: Rod Dagan

An ancient Hebrew word "tsarar" conveys the sense of anxiety or worry as being confined in a physical sense and is thus rendered wrapped up, shut up and be cramped. Anyone suffering from panic can relate to this.

Anxiety can be damaging to one's well being which can lead to depression robbing them of the initiative to act. Contrary to some beliefs that it is not physically harmful it can lead to high blood pressure, elevated white blood cell counts affect the sugar levels in the body and can even change your electrocardiogram.

Anxiety can become so intense that it leads to Panic attacks that feel like a small wave growing larger and larger until it feels like tsunami when it hits and then gradually subsiding. The best thing to do is tell yourself, OK it's frightening but it will pass and it's not dangerous, don't fight the feelings but flow with them until they pass

Sadly some cope with this in negative ways such as alcohol and drug abuse. The most common coping strategy is avoidance, although they feel this protects them it actually imprisons them and they never learn to control their fears and conquer them. They are filled with imagined rejections and failures.

Fear has improper and proper actions, wholesome fear which causes the individual to proceed with caution is beneficial, but morbid or unfounded fear will destroy hope and nervous stamina. Recognizing the differences and being in control of them will calm your life.

Managing the symptoms vary from one person to the next, many feelings mental and physical can occur such as.

* Feelings of disapproval and rejection
* Does your body shake or your hands tremble
* Do you perspire excessively or stammer
* Do you experience abdominal pain
* Do you blush or your mouth becomes dry
* Do you feel like everything is closing in on you

There are many others and sufferers of anxiety will no doubt know more so try to recognize the triggers that set you off and you will be in a better position to control the situation.

Confronting the situations that you have feared will convince you (1) that embarrassing flaws will most often not result in the disapproval of others and (2) that even if they do result in some disapproval, this is not a catastrophe. Remember, though, to be patient with your progress.

Recovery is not accomplished overnight, nor is it realistic to expect all signs of social phobia to disappear. According to Dr. Sally Winston, the goal of treatment is, not to get rid of the symptoms, but to make them not matter. If they don't matter, she says, they go away or at least improve.

Trying to attain that inner peace that will calm your heart and control your thinking that results in the freedom from uneasiness, foreboding and alarm that these attacks give is not as easy as it sounds. Steps and guides with definitive resources are needed.

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