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Creating balance and control ,Stepping Outside Your Bubble
November 01, 2013

Stepping Outside Your Bubble

Sometimes stepping outside of your bubble can help you reduce the amount of stress you are dealing within your life.

We all create bubbles that we live in. This bubble contains; your friends, co-workers, the establishment you shop for groceries, the gas station you visit, the restaurant you frequent along with other traditional places that you regularly spend time at. We create our bubbles for comfort because it surrounds us with routines that we’re familiar with.

When we continue to day after day, month after month, do the same things, see the same people, visit the same establishments, we can grow stagnant and when this happens negative feelings and emotions can surface solely out of boredom. Frustration can snowball to depression which can then overflow into every area of your life.

So do something crazy! Step outside your bubble once in awhile. Shake it up a bit. You don’t need an expensive vacation to stimulate change in your life. Go somewhere different, do something for yourself, mingle with a new group of people, travel to a new shopping establishment, drive a different route to work and grab coffee from a different business. You never know what new possibilities can be opened by altering your life by the slightest change.

Happy bubble bursting!!!

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