Positives of Depression

Did you ever imagine that there are positives of depression? Probably not when you are in the middle of experiencing one of these low times but stop to think about it…

Why do you go into a depression?

Something has happened that has made you very unhappy? This could be anything from gaining weight to feeling insecure or fearful in a particular situation. It may even be a traumatic time involving losing a loved one.

What ever the issue is, there are positives to depression – these changes in mood give us the time to:

  • Realize that there is a problem
  • Process the information
  • Meditate to find a solution
  • Set goals to rectify the situation
  • Many times if it is a depression that you have fallen into because you’re not satisfied with your life it becomes the catapult that you need to make some decisions to change.

    Positives of depression allow us to grow, change, and become stronger in who we are. It alerts us to problem issues that need to be resolved or perceived in a different light. It allows us the opportunity to not look at any doors that may have closed but to look for all of the windows that are open to us to choose new paths to follow and shift our focus to how we want our life to be.

    We are limited by our own thoughts while the positives of depression allow us to take the time to think outside the box and go beyond what we believe our limitations are. Right now, this minute, you are the best that you can be but you are changing daily, you are learning new things and altering your thoughts to incorporate these changes. When you use the positives of depression to your benefit you will grow and flourish faster and stronger for it. Your world of possibilities will open as your mind unfolds new ideas and images. You will find the answers of how you can pursue your dreams and turn them into reality.

    So the next time you find yourself down and out, take advantage of the challenge you have been given and use the time to search your thoughts to assess what you want to change. Use the lessons on meditation to revel all of the options open to you and then set your goals to make the change.

    You are as unique as you permit yourself to be, you are only limited by your thoughts.

    Happiness Always, Susan
    Author, Cobwebs of the Mind

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