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New Year resolutions – I have learned over the years it’s much better to make a resolution that is fun to keep not one where you feel you are punishing yourself. Let’s put into effect the ‘New Rule of resolution making…’ You have the month of January that you can opt to change your resolution.

Have you ever made one of these?

I will stop eating chocolate. A year without CHOCOLATE !! Maybe you should but let’s do this on a day to day challenge not a resolution for a whole year.
I will lose 20 pounds. How many gym memberships have you purchased and started out strong only to dwindle quickly and stop going? For me it’s been three.
I will stop smoking. Did this last more than a half of day when you did it?

These are punishing resolutions – in other words they are not fun to keep.

The difference between your successes verses your failures is your strong desire to want to meet the goals that you set.

Instead this year try one of these.

√ I will have family or friend gatherings once a month.

√ My significant other and I will spend one romantic evening planned out once a month.

√ I will be more active – commit to placing on the calendar one thing per month to do such as go hiking, canoeing, play tennis with a friend, schedule a long walk on the beach etc.

√ I will take a goody into work once a month to surprise my co-workers.

√ I will spend one evening a week spoiling myself, meaning soaking in a bath, reading a book, meditating or another form of relaxation techniques that are noted on

Aren’t you more likely to keep a resolution like this? What’s more important is that you will be helping yourself reduce some stress, spend time with family and friends, get some exercise, make some points at work with the goodies or put some passion back into your relationship. It’s a win-win resolution and certainly more fun.

Think about this … If you would have kept all your past resolutions what would your life be like now?

A must … - always use a calendar and commit to paper the date that you are going to meet your commitment this month and then you have plenty of advance notice to yourself to prepare for your gathering, romantic evening, hike with a friend or what you are going to do to spoil yourself this week.

Have Fun and from me to you – Have a Wonderful New Year !! If you would like to see anything particular on the website this year please drop me an email I would love to hear from you.

Happiness Always, Susan
Author, Cobwebs of the Mind

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