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April 01, 2013

Invisible Stress

Have you done something lately that after the fact you regretted doing or maybe you said something you wish you could grab back out of the airwaves? Too late.

Do you find yourself dwelling on things you can’t change?

You could possibly rectify your actions or maybe you could verbally recant your statement if you’re still in the moment, but if you’re not, you’re keeping your body in a state of stress over something that you can’t resolve. This invisible stressor can keep your body in a continued mode of stress and cause you to unknowingly carry a negative attitude full of worry and frustration.

The larger problem is occurring inside of you when you dwell on what you can’t change. You keep replaying the error, blaming yourself, looking at yourself as a failure. You torture yourself with negative thoughts and negative feelings – all over a human error.

Some individuals think stress is caused by events and once the event is over the stress also passes but truly the stress lies in your thoughts. Every time you replay the event in your mind the stress returns. Not letting go of negative thoughts can extend your stress over long periods of time.

The next time you find yourself in this same situation (and you know you will), stop yourself and then ask yourself, “Can I somehow correct what happened, what I said or I what did.” If you can, then make the attempt to amend the situation but If you can’t, then accept it as a part of being human, drop it from your thoughts and worries, leave it behind and continue to move forward.

Let go and stay healthy

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