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Creating balance and control ,How many times do things go wrong
September 01, 2016

How many times do things go wrong?

How many times do things go wrong and you pray to God to help make them right?

Maybe someone you know is ill and you pray for strength to make them better. Maybe you have trouble with your child and you pray that they will find their way without doing something that is detrimental to their health or well being. Whatever may go wrong we often turn to a higher power to ask for a little help.

But what if we woke up tomorrow with Only what we thanked God for today? Would you wake up blind and deaf laying naked in the street?

It's time to look around you to the beautiful trees, chirping birds, the roof over your head, and the ability to see and hear all the blessings surrounding you. We take so much for granted; food on the table, clothes on our body, running water for a shower, etc. the list can stretch miles but you get the point. Thank God for the blessings more than asking him for resolve and just possibly there will be less events that need to be resolved.

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