How do you feel today?

The Emotion Annotation and Representation Language (EARL) classifies 48 emotions. So - how do you feel today? If we work under the assumption that each emotion has an opposite it goes to figure that 24 emotions are negative and 24 emotions are positive. That means that you have a 50% chance of being in a positive state of mind right now.

But who decides on your emotional state?

Someone tells you that you did an outstanding job at work today and you graciously accept this compliment, it makes you feel good so you may experience feelings of pleasure, pride, satisfaction or delight. What happened was that you gave yourself permission to accept this statement as being true and this resulted in your emotion. But, what happens when someone approaches you to say you are incompetent – the work you provided was insignificant and of poor quality. Will you also give yourself permission to feel doubt, frustration, powerlessness, or hurt?

People can attempt to make you angry, jealous, guilty, or fearful, just as they can make you feel joy, trust, prideful, or fearless. You can either give yourself permission to accept what they say as truth or permission to deny what they say as truth. Nobody can make you feel anything you do not give them permission for.

You can increase your percentages of always being in a positive state by auditing your permission slips. Someone may be trying to make you feel more inadequate so that their weaknesses can gain more strength. Once someone makes a statement that places the ball in your court – take the time to think of how you want to respond. You may want to address the situation by alerting the person that although they have stated their opinion that you don’t take part in their views so therefore cannot agree with their thought process. Then before they can throw a debate ball back in your court politely excuse yourself from the conversation.

Take charge of your own feelings and your own reactions. Don’t give permission for others to take control over your life. So when asked, How do you feel today? You should always respond with a positive emotion.

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