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Creating balance and control , How do you deal with your daily stress?
October 01, 2012

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How do you deal with your daily stress?

Sometimes days, weeks, and months seem to run together when you don’t take the time needed to de-stress. We think…. “I’ll take a break when this project is completed” or “I’ll take a few days off once I get caught up” or maybe “I’ll take a nice vacation after I get this years raise”… on and on we keep pushing the goal for relaxation further and further away.

Then one day you feel like something is wrong or just doesn’t feel right but you can’t put your finger on it.

The logical part in our minds tell us that we know we need to have proper nutrition and regular exercise to maintain our health and energy, but do we make the time for the most important aspects of our life? Maybe we’ll focus on that after……

Monetary accomplishments can buy you all those material items you desire but let’s say after years of neglecting your needs while you are doing this, one day disaster strikes, and your items are lost forever, a fire, a natural disaster, for whatever the reason, these items are gone. What are you left with.

I’m not saying to stop striving for what you want I’m just reminding you to take that needed time for the more important things in life and enjoy the journey.

Learn how to use your senses to reenergize from stress.

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