Finding Happiness

We search, yet we don’t know what we are looking for. We set goals and then work feverishly to attain them but this is never good enough so we set higher goals. The goals we set seem to be what we want at the time that we set them but once there it doesn’t fulfill the happiness we are in search of, so we try again. We work hard and make more money. We invest in high ticket items that we believe will bring joy in our lives, will make us more comfortable and will finally allow us to be happy. But we are not.

Are we looking in the wrong direction? Yes. The balance we all need to seek begins in the inside of us it does not lay in the material world. Balance is a feeling we get when we are relaxed. You wouldn’t find this by working your way to the top of your career field and you won’t find it by trying to satisfy your desires of having more toys than anyone else.

We have a tendency to look to our external world for answers to finding true peace, tranquility and balance in our life and then within minutes we are planning a vacation on a cruise or looking to buy that new living room suite or worse yet go in debt to obtain a new boat or a new car to boost our prestige and demand admiration from the world for our prize catch. We keep sabotaging our own efforts by letting confusion set in and turning back in the opposite direction. We need to stay focused on our inner self first then once established we will have the ability to assess our needs and desires in a rational and loving pursuit of life’s happiness.

Are you trapped by the expectations of society? Are you trading in your values for a reputation? You are free to make any choice that you want in your life but you need to ensure that you are doing so by becoming knowledgeable of the consequences for your actions. You just may be trading in any chance of instilling harmony in your life or feeling the true inner peace and happiness that maybe you feel that you lack.

A fast pace – have it all attitude can make you miserable. Balance is hard to find when you are to busy trying to survive that you can’t take the time needed for yourself and your inner core that grants you calmness and stability. You may unknowingly choose a chaotic and befuddled lifestyle which is centered on fun and entertainment and franticly jump from one thing to the next never taking the time to let any thoughts of doubt enter your mind.

Then one day out of the blue, there is quiet, and as you look around at your worldly goods you suddenly feel a twinge inside tugging at your heart. You can’t decipher what sensation this is. You spend days, weeks, maybe months carrying around this feeling that you can’t identify. You are discontent and somewhat frustrated, then suddenly you have an epiphany, you couldn’t identify the feeling because the feeling is of emptiness, a void that is telling you that something is missing in your life but what is missing is still unidentifiable.

By looking only at our external world we all tend to build an illusion in our minds as to how to identify happiness and successes. We are more concerned as to how others may view us rather than looking within and gauging our happiness and success on the ability to view the world and nature that surrounds us and the capacity to love and be loved.

Some individuals I believe think that it is something that jumps out in front of them and they walk right smack into it. It just appears, and if it doesn't just appear they feel cheated and abandoned. What's wrong with me? Why didn't I get any?

I dread to tell you but I don't believe that you will walk smack into it and it's not something that jumps out of the darkness. It is what we do each day that determines the amount of joy that we experience.

We tend to take the things that make us smile for granted but these are the things that happen in our every day life that if you don't stop to acknowledge them in that moment then it goes un-noticed.

If it goes un-noticed then who is to say that it ever happened. Therefore even if there is many moments of joy in your life it becomes invisible to your heart. You need to enjoy these priceless pleasures when they occur, then do the same for the next small token of joy that makes you smile and so on. Then as you stop to smell the roses, so to speak, every time a tidbit of joy passes you by these nuggets will start to link one to another forming a noticeable string of happiness.

Not every moment of every day will you be bursting with joy but to feel it we need to stop and acknowledge those things that bring us joy. Finding your joy is determined by how you perceive your life perceive your life. You yourself will be the one who determines how much happiness you experience in any given day.

Happiness Always, Susan
Author, Cobwebs of the Mind

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