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Creating balance and control , Issue #66 - An echo
September 15, 2011

An Echo always returns

An echo never fails to come back to it starting destination. You can’t hide from an echo nor can you restrict its return. An echo is a natural response to the given circumstance.

We respond many times to the emotions of others. If we are approached in a threatening way by someone attacking our self esteem we immediately defend ourselves by responding in an equally threatening way.

When someone is complimentary we too respond in a positive manner and mirror their enthusiasm.

So with this common knowledge it only makes sense to treat someone as you would like to be treated.

If you do something nice for someone it triggers a reaction from others as they reflect on your kindness and they too will mirror this kindheartedness back to you over time.

Watch this short video called The Dash to help decide how you want to be remembered.

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