When you are 100% committed you cannot fail. There is no room for failure to even be considered.

BUT ... If you can only commit yourself to 99% in any situation then you have a 50/50 chance of failure.

Why such a drastic fall in probability when you can’t give 100% ?

Because our minds can become weak and our desires to grant ourselves happiness can overpower our thoughts and throw us totally off course from where we originally planned to go.

A great way to witness this first hand would be to take a food or drink product that you usually consume on a daily basis and tell yourself that you are no longer going to consume any of this product for the next week.

As days (maybe even hours) pass your mind will begin its sabotaging efforts by injecting subtle thoughts that will try to sway you into not staying 100% committed. One very small waiver, one slip, and you have failed to achieve your goal.

So when you say you will do something, Ask yourself “How much am I willing to commit?”

For outstanding proof of this theory take a three minute break and watch 212 – the extra degree.

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