Adjusting to Change

We all have buried memories that surface time and time again. Memories are good for the soul but attached judgments may be holding you captive.

How often do you pull your photo albums and share their memories even if only with yourself. Some of these remembrances are happy and sweet, some not so much. But all of them we’ve stored inside our mind like photos in an album.

When you pull out these old photographs how do you feel? Nostalgia, joy, pain…? Sometimes there’s a combination joy for the moment you had and pain from the sorrow you feel in the reality that the moment is gone forever. When you are done, do you close the album and put it away, along with whatever emotions came up as you looked at them—for another day, another look?

Each time we review the past and feel the feelings we had then without letting them go, we create a block within our energetic self. It really doesn’t matter if the memory was a pleasant one or one that hurt us deeply—either way, a judgment was made. These stored memories with judgments attached to them are the foundation of negative thinking blocks that you tuck deeply away in the corners of your mind. They are wounds to our souls as well as to our physical beings.

It’s time to let go. Liberate yourself from the past and live fully in the present. All those old judgments and wounds no longer serve you. They are baggage, weighing you down and slowing your progress on your path. As you liberate and release, you become free.

Color your present with joy, bliss and love!

Happiness Always, Susan

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