Be Thankful

Be thankful by using the natural gifts of your senses. When you hit stress overload you need to reenergize your spirit and rebuild your strength. Satisfying your senses are the most crucial elements of stress reduction. You simply utilize all the natural senses that you have been given to maintain the proper balance in your surroundings.

• Be thankful for your Sight– If you live by a beach make a special trip so that you can take an extended walk along the sand and listen to the ocean waves.

If there is not a beach nearby, any area that has quite surroundings will have the same effect. To reenergize from stress you need a place that offers peace and quite. This let’s our minds image that we have left the rest of the world behind and there is a break with no worries and stress.

Try this Quick Fix Meditation when escaping to the beach is not an option.

Always surround yourself with things that make you happy or bring you happy thoughts whether it is in your office, your car, or in your home. Maybe have a picture of you and your loved one on your desk that is from a great vacation that you took.

• Be thankful for the Sounds– You can use the gift of hearing to reenergize from stress in many different ways. Music, sounds of nature, even a constant hum of a fan. One of the most convenient ways to use this sense for reenergizing from stress is to purchase sounds of your choice from a large array of CD’s.

This and a small carrying disk player gives you the freedom to do this at any given time in your day.

If you prefer sounds over music that contains words there are relaxation CD’s that contain the sounds of ocean waves, nature, piano, or soothing music.

These are not only great for the office and home but to use as you relax and drift off to sleep at night. With ocean waves you can imagine your self falling asleep on the beach or at least with the beach directly out your window.

Keeping soothing sounds around you lets your mind slow down from the day's activities and gives you a calm and serene feeling of peace.

• Be thankful for the Smells– aromatherapy candles, potpourri, incense, and diffusers can help you reenergize from stress. They come in aromas of many types so you can usually find a smell that will not only allow yourself to relax in the present but to drift back to memories of happy tranquil times.

These are definitely worth the purchase and they are the most useful gifts to keep in mind for any occasion. It’s a great way to help your friends reenergize from stress and find some relaxation. Candles always give the atmosphere an added sense of relaxation as you watch the flickering flame.

You may also purchase potpourri in many different colors which makes it easy to work in with any décor in any room. Incense and incense holders you can find in abundance and diffusers are currently one of the most ‘hottest’ sellers on the market.

• Be thankful for Touch– Significant others can save you a bundle when it comes to massage if they are willing to do this.

When someone is placing pressure on your body as they rub you can feel all of the tension melt away as your body becomes heavier and heavier, of course, you’ll have to reciprocate the favor.

Another way to reenergize from stress may be taking a nice warm bath you can use a bubble bath or there are portable Jacuzzi’s that lay in the bottom of a tub that release soothing bubbles to relieve built up tension.

• Be thankful for Taste– Hot cocoa to the rescue! Sometimes you just want to curl up in a chair wearing comfortable clothing and read a book. Books are a good escape from reality and you can get so totally engrossed that your thoughts don’t drift in any other direction other than the direction of the book.

This is a perfect time to make a cup of warm tea or hot chocolate to give you that extra treat. By implementing your control techniques and using the gift of your senses you can create many good triggers that alert your body and mind that it is time to relax.

Start with some of these suggestions and then create some on your own.

Find the time to relax.

Happiness Always, Susan
Author, Cobwebs of the Mind

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