Balance Time and Relaxation

How to create Balance escape Time and Relax. What is balance and how do you know if you have it? If you have any negative emotions, these areas of your life are unbalanced. If you give yourself unreasonably stuffed schedules that you try to run your life by, this is unbalanced. If you never take time for you to relax your mind from everything around you this is unbalanced.

To balance these areas in your life you have to make changes. This takes thought and this takes logical thinking. This means you’ll need to make a plan to get away from it all and get your life back to a healthy balance. Meditation and silence is the goal you need to commit to. You need to develop an atmosphere that allows you to relax and to step out of your body and view things as though you are giving rational advice to a close friend who is experiencing these same issues.

The great advantage you have at this point is you know how you emotionally feel about an issue but you also know that there is a rational way of looking at something when you are not the one who is emotionally involved. You need to be the rational part of you to find the answers and create the balance.

Emotions are great if they are positive emotions such as happiness, joy, excitement, or contentment. Negative emotions cause the turmoil that throw you off kilter and cause you to be, do, or say irrational things. Negative feelings indicate that you are in fear of something. Find the fear, correct the problem and re-stabilize your life.

Then take some time to really enjoy this life that you have been given.

Have you ever really thought about ‘time’. What is time? Can you touch time? Time attaches false impressions that we evolve our whole life, night and day around. But the truth is that, time is just an illusion that we project on a mechanism that we decided to call a clock, its purpose is to help us to separate one day from another in equal increments of seconds. Then we stick an enormously oversized schedule to this illusion of time that allows us to build negative forces of frustration and tension, we add a little of this and a dash of that and ‘poof’ we created stress.

That’s where I come in…

I’m the one who grabs you, shakes you and reminds you that We can choose to view the world and our life as we wish but we sometimes get ourselves into ruts where we are stressed, out of balance and plain not happy.

Take away the mindset you have on time. When you look at a clock understand the simple meaning that it holds. You are the one who has the controls.

You always deserve some of the day set aside just for you. It’s a necessity. We always unintentionally overload ourselves with things to do. We somehow think there is an end that we are trying to reach before we agree to stop and relax. Little do we want to acknowledge that the end is when we are six feet under. Until then there will always be chores to do, errands to run, money to make and responsibilities to meet.

We have to stop, relax and gain our balance. If you don’t take a day to simply enjoy life, what exactly are you living to achieve? When will you achieve it? And when you do, will you then be able to enjoy life or just collapse in exhaustion?

Make a vow to yourself to take a day and live in a fantasy world. Yes, you read me right. Sometimes we get too tied up in being serious and forget that life is meant to be fun and exciting. We lose the curiosity and wonder and get bogged down by mortgage bills and worrying about what the future holds.

Here’s your fantasy…Pretend that you don’t have a problem in the world, not even a little one and that time as you have known it to be, does not exist.

The feeling is exhilarating

Have Fun and stay Stress Free

Happiness Always, Susan
Author, Cobwebs of the Mind

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