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Are you a survivor

“Each year that arrives holds magnificent opportunities, keep focused on the positive in all that you do so that you don’t blind yourself to these occasions.”

Are you a survivor? Have you accepted your life as it has unfolded? Are you ready to move forward? Sometimes we get so tangled up in trying to break free of our memories that we can’t seem to pull ourselves enough out of the past to move forward.

You may have survived the past but you are stuck re-living it over and over as you struggle to be free of the negative effects that have been imprinted in your memories. You never come through unscathed. You may experience some positive results and feel you have finally put an end to that part of your life when, with a snap of a finger, something triggers those old tapes in your head to start replaying and you feel as if you are spiraling backwards in space and time.

Like a cartoon that depicts a devil on your shoulder prodding you to think of the negative. This is the little person you need to get to know. Learn why you think those negative thoughts. Why do you sometimes respond so bitter? Is it fear that is controlling your emotions? As you get to know the negative thoughts you can dispel them as you transform them to positive.

How do you do that?

We were not born with negative thought patterns. We have learned to respond to life. Unfortunately, not everyone has had a supportive loving family who shares in your growth and keeps you focused on a positive path. When we are not privileged to this positive environment we just deal with everything that crosses our path as best we can and sometimes it is certainly not the positive or the best way.

That’s done, that’s all behind you. No matter what those yesterdays were like, they are done and you can change everything from tomorrow forward. abc-stress.com is there to help you every step of the way with all the tools you need to find all of those valuable gifts hidden inside of you that can put nothing but success and happiness in your life.

So let’s start the forward motion. Once you have successfully released the past that has controlled you there will always be triggers that you will be sensitive to. Parts of the past that will rekindle a negative feeling. These feelings can dictate your emotional choices if you don’t stay attuned to their presence as a threat. Always take the time to stop and be sure you are listening to the positive you not the past negative you.

Make it your goal to listen and get to know the little negative person that rests on your shoulder. This is the final step of letting go and moving forward. Stay positive in your thoughts. Believe that with each event there is a purpose. Everything that happens has a reason. Accept this as true and look for the lesson in each situation.

There will be soooo much more to come on January 12th – 8 days away. Place a note on your computer now so you don’t forget this day. This will only be a 1 day event.

Happiness Always, Susan
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