Are you Letting Life
Pass you by?

Sometimes you can let life pass you by as you fall into what most of us refer to as a rut. You get up every day and proceed as if a robot. You complete your morning rituals and off you go without a thought of what you are going to do today that will grant you some happiness. You are so busy maintaining your day to day routine that you are missing those little pleasures that make and keep you happy.

On a regular work day, how about stopping for a relaxing latte or calling a friend for a brief chat?

If it’s a day free from your regular work routine, how about a walk in nature or thirty minutes with a good book in the park?

Think of how a car needs the release of gas to fuel the engine and make the wheels turn to get you to where you want to go. What happens when you run out of the gas that gives the car its energy?

You are your own vehicle – you expend an energy called adenosine triphosphate with every action you take. You manufacture this chemical on a regular basis from the healthy foods you consume to the relaxation and rejuvenation you give your body and mind.

When you find that you are feeling fatigued, irritable and moody you need to stop and assess if you are providing your body with the amounts of energy that it needs. Review you’re eating and drinking habits first – make adjustments to add something or delete something in your life that will help you to make a positive lifestyle change.

Simple suggestions are:

Increase your water intake.
Consume more vegetables and fruits in your diet.
Cut down on heavy fats that may be from fried foods or fast foods.
If you drink alcohol, assess if this may be affecting how you feel.
Do one little something everyday that is specifically meant for you – to make you happy, feel good and/or feel relaxed.
Try practicing progressive muscle relaxation or meditation on a regular schedule.

You are a strong person with a lot to offer.
Focus on those strengths.

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