Angels are all around you

Angels are all around you to protect you… to guide you… and to lend an ear when needed.

Angels are by our side to remind us:

To seek the best in ourselves at all times no matter who is watching or not watching. Integrity is a virtue they wish to remind us to practice at all times

They act as role models to help and give to others. They constantly are reminders to help and give without expectation of anything in return

Angels remind us to 'lighten up' in our lives and have a little fun. They know that families who laugh together stay together. Laughter is healing and those Christmas angels love to see the lighter side of life

So no matter whether you believe or not believe in Angels, they certainly add to the magic, fun and joy associated with the celebrations and festivities of Christmas.

Have a wonderful season – full of Family – Love and Laughter.

A Funny Story

Grandpa decided that shopping for Christmas presents had become too difficult. All his grandchildren had everything they needed, so he decided to send them each a check. On each card he wrote:

'Happy Christmas Grandpa'

P.S. 'Buy your own present!'


Now, while Grandpa enjoyed the family festivities, he thought that his grandchildren were just slightly distant. It preyed on his mind into the New Year. Then one day he was sorting out his study and under a pile of magazines, he found a little pile of checks for his grandchildren. He had completely forgotten to put them in with the Christmas cards.

Happiness Always, Susan

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