Adjusting to Change

Change brings mixed emotions and can trigger stress, particularly if it is unexpected or outside your control. Change is the way of the world and with any change in your life stress will be triggered as you learn to adjust.

There are times in your life when you need way more relaxation and alone time – this is when stress levels are very high. It may be time for a couple day break from your normal daily activities.

Take the quiz below and determine how high your stress level currently is and decide how you are going to deal with making time for you and time for relaxation.

Personal Life Events Analysis

Circle the number to the right of each event if it has occurred within the last 12 months.

Death of a spouse - 100
Divorce - 73
Marital Separation - 65
Jail term - 63
Death of a close family member - 63
Personal injury or illness - 53
Marriage - 50
Fired from a job - 47
Marital reconciliation - 45
Retirement - 45
Change in family members health - 44
Pregnancy - 40
Sexual difficulties - 39
Addition to family - 39
Business readjustment - 39
Change in financial status - 38
Death of close friend - 37
Career change - 36
Change in number of marital arguments - 35
Loan over 10,000 - 31
Foreclosure of mortgage or loan - 30
Change in work responsibilities - 29
Son or daughter leaving home - 29
Trouble with in-laws - 29
Outstanding personal achievement - 28
Spouse begins or ceases working - 26
Starting or finishing school - 26
Change in living conditions - 25
Revision of personal habits - 24
Trouble with boss - 23
Change in work hours or conditions - 20
Change in residence - 20
Change in schools - 20
Change in recreational habits - 19
Change in church activities - 19
Change in social activities - 18
Loan under $10,000 - 17
Change in sleeping habits - 16
Change in number of family gatherings - 15
Change in eating habits - 15
Vacation - 13
Christmas season - 12
Minor violation of the law - 11

Add the circled values. If your score is more than 150 you need to find ways to reduce stress in your daily life so there is not an increase in this stress level.

Note: This scale was derived from the Holmes-Rahe Social Readjustment Rating Scale. Holmes, T. & Rahe, R (1967) Journal of Psychosomatic Research, volume II.

YOU are responsible for the here and now. Positive minds produce positive results. You can change everything around you but if you don’t change your thoughts then what has truly changed. You will end up repeating history.

“Your thoughts express who are, so if you are not who you want to be, you’ll need to change your way of thinking.”

Don’t let stress build up in your life – take a break, release it now and then resume your work. Your health is way more important than anything else – don’t ignore this.

Happiness Always, Susan

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