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Before you give in to stress follow the 3-2-1 effect and turn your situation around.

Just a pause for 3 seconds can change the outcome of an event. Just 2 powerful words will reverse a stress response. Just 1 compliment will trigger the power of joy and render a feeling of satisfaction. The 3-2-1 effect can be a powerful tool when applied every day.

You can use the power of words to stop your stress response or to reward yourself by creating a special moment for someone else. Do all three and your sure to reduce your stress response.

So here we go…

The next time something happens that may cause you to react in a stressful manner try to follow this formula.

Stop and pause for 3 seconds – this will give you time to change your reaction.

Think of the 2 powerful words to reverse your stress response, “Oh well”. Yes, these are the two words - try it you’ll be surprised as to how effective this is.

Creating a more passive attitude doesn’t mean that you don’t care or that you won’t learn from something that went wrong. “Oh well”, changes your state of mind so that your body won’t kick in that stress response. Saying “Oh well”, will stop any snowballing of negative thoughts that will attach themselves to the stressful event. “Oh well”, will give your mind permission to acknowledge that whatever has caused the stress to come to the surface is not the end of the world.

Obviously sometimes you want to say this quietly to yourself so that someone else in your vicinity doesn’t get the wrong impression. If your supervisor approaches you to tell you that you handled a situation inappropriately you don’t want to say, “Oh well” out loud. Say this to yourself. You acknowledge that your supervisor has some valid points and that you could have handled things a little different. Learn from this but don’t dwell on any negative feelings. Say, “Oh well”.

And lastly, Just 1 compliment will trigger the power of joy and render a feeling of satisfaction. Reward yourself by creating a special moment for someone else.

One of the best ways to feel less stressed is to help someone else. This is for one very simple reason. We like to help and nurture others because this in turn makes us feel better about ourselves. When we help another – we help ourselves. We create or reinstate a sense of purpose and direction in our own lives. Everyone likes to hear how other people feel about them. Telling someone they are wonderful, they are excellent at what they do or even a simple compliment on how they look is all it takes to give a miracle.

The power of your words can change someone’s life. It can give confidence where they were lacking, support when they are in need, friendship when they feel alone or attention when they feel unnoticed.

A complete stranger is waiting for you to reach out your hand and make them feel special. Everyone desires the approval that you hold in your words.

Try the 3-2-1 effect today and when you share that compliment with someone watch the light of hope and happiness that you bring into their world.

Happiness Always, Susan
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