Your Beliefs

Do you know what your beliefs are?

Your beliefs are what makes you happy right now - or sad.

You are what you believe you are – you can accomplish what you believe you can accomplish.

You feel how you believe you feel.

There are thousands of beliefs that you have been taught over the years that you never even focus on.

Everything you were taught over the years was someone else’s beliefs right? How else would you learn? That of course doesn’t mean that they were right in their beliefs and it also doesn’t mean they were wrong, but everyone eventually creates their own belief system. You were taught thousands of beliefs from your family from your teachers from your mentors and as you grew something else may have happened that contradicted these beliefs so you threw one out and replaced it with another.

Change is the way of the universe. You yourself change everyday. You grow older and you grow wiser. But stop to review your old beliefs, you may find that many of your fears, insecurities, negative thoughts and emotions are caused by a belief – that if you think about it – doesn’t hold truth as you used to think. You may be able – by just releasing some antique beliefs – open up a volt of treasures that are hidden deep within you.

The great saying, “If you think you can or think you can’t – your right.” It truly applies when you review your belief system right?

If I believe I am depressed – then I am depressed. If I believe I am unhappy – then I am unhappy. If I believe that I am a failure then….

See what I mean?

Look at all of the success you have had over the years.

Look at all of the vacations to different places, the laughter, the loving moments, the satisfaction, the pleasures… look at all of the good that you have received.

The beliefs we have dictate how we feel, so if you are dealing with any issue today that is causing you concern, think about what you believe… and if you change your belief how will this alter your thinking and emotions about this situation? Sometimes you have to think not of how you want to think so that you are the beneficiary but you have to listen to what is in your heart.

Your heart may have a different way of looking at things.


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