Yoga dates back before writings of history began.

This practice is a Hindu philosophy that involves certain physical and mental disciplines together with a withdrawal from the world and abstract meditation upon a spiritual principal or object.

The purpose is to achieve both physical and spiritual well-being this activity allows the individual to bring closer or unite the soul and the cosmos through a state of self-realization.

There are many different interpretations that are practiced, each being similar and with the same goals but some being more in depth or an expansion of their counterpart.

Individuals themselves that practice this form of physical and spiritual relaxation are called Yoginis for the females and Yogis for the males.

With the practice of this relaxation technique it is important to get to know the inside energy points of your body, these are called chakras. Chakra in Sanskrit means wheel. These wheels are the center of activity that receives life force energy.

Yoga is a form of meditation

The Hatha Yoga is one of the more popular practices that uses different forms of physical poses as well as breathing exercises and purification techniques to calm the mind and allow for a positive flow of spiritual energy.

This is accomplished by exploring the inner structure of the body mind and spirit. When achieving a balance between the mind and the body the chakras are unblocked and open to send a positive energy flow throughout each chakra until an ultimate enlightenment is achieved.

Hatha is a Sanskrit word meaning sun and moon. This depicts the opposing forces or energies. This physical fitness ritual and meditation are extremely complementary to each other.

After partaking in a yoga session your body is relaxed and you feel revitalized, what better time to build your mental strength with a Gaining Empowerment Meditation or a simple 10-15 minute Quick Fix Meditation

Use Yoga for Stress Management for more outstanding results.

Yoga find peace in mind and body

Although with different practices you are introduced to additional chakra points for initiating purposes we will introduce the seven center points that are stacked in a column that spans from the base of your spine and run upward through your body to the top of your head.

Each chakra center is said to be linked to physiological functions, color and other distinguishing characteristics. There are diverse models from traditional to modern of the chakra system within the human body.

Each chakra works in relationship to each other. They spin and draw in this energy to keep the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of the body in balance.

If there are days that you feel energized while other days you feel fatigued this may be that your chakras are imbalanced.

Chakras are thought by some to have a relationship between the positions and functions of the chakras, and of the various glands and other organs of the body.

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Traditional Chinese medicine also relies on a similar model of the human body as an energy system, except that it involves the circulation of qi energy. The qi energy connects the flow of energy from one chakra to the next.

Yoga find spiritual peace

When you don’t know where to begin, start at the beginning. Learn simple Hatha postures suitable for absolute beginners, step by step instructions with illustrations.

To Learn more details see Yoga and Meditation and you will be able to start to put Yoga in your life today. This will show you numerous poses to relieve specific ailments or conditions, plus practical guidance for living a healthier happier life.

Guided Imagery Meditation
Meditation Exercise


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