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Music therapy is the manipulation of using music coupled with an individual’s settings and circumstances to generate desired behaviors. Music is a mood stabilizer.

It has the capabilities to increase your energy, instill relaxation, make you happy, make you sad, or make you reflective of past memories.

Music was discovered and developed since almost the beginning of time. It is composed and performed for many purposes, ranging from aesthetic pleasure, religious and/or ceremonial purposes amongst others. Over the many years and through the many cultures the use of
different instruments has given rise to numerous forms
of song and dance.

Sounds are strung together in such a way that they can calm the mind. Today it is more so an entertainment product for the market place.

In an effort to encourage relaxation and reduce stress it has been found that certain soothing sounds can promote relaxation through mental stimulus. This stimulation can automatically trigger a visualization depicting a calm surrounding such as a beach with ocean waves or a quiet wooded area with a trickling stream and chirping birds.

Music, when used as a therapy has been found beneficial in unison with massage therapy, aromatherapy and meditation relaxation. With the use of music and harmony the instruments and intermingling of notes at just the right pitch can persuade the mind to use the rhythm of the music to control the breathing of an individual which will determine the depth of relaxation a person will experience up to and including even inducing sleep.

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Most individuals experience stress in a work or a home environment during the more active periods of their day. Although your mind needs to stay alert during these times and focused on completing your tasks you can use the power of music therapy and your subconscious mind to your advantage.

By placing the smooth rhythm of classical music in the background at a low volume you can keep your breathing and heart rate at pace with the music by the use of these subliminal messages without interrupting the intensity of focus to your job duties.

There are many classical artists to select from
but the top artists in this field
will always remain with Mozart, Bach
and the more romantic classical sounds from Beethoven.

The following selections that I enjoy and find to be the most effective I've listed below but there are new CD's being produced every day.

Just one of the best CD’s to listen to is called
The Best Classical Album in the World...Ever!

But Wait...

If you are an individual who has listened to types of classical music before and the selection you were introduced to may not have been one to your liking this special CD was made just for you.

Classical Music for People Who Hate Classical Music
The title is a little strong but it certainly comes right to the point.

There are so many "classical relaxation" recordings out there that choosing one could easily stress you out. What sets the following compilation apart from the quickly growing crowd is its breadth. Most albums like this steer clear of vocal music -- following the all-instrumental, all-the-time classical radio format that's favored today -- but

The Most Relaxing Classical Album in the World...Ever

offers an exceptionally healthy mix of genres. And while everything on this two-CD set has an easy pace, some of the selections build to climaxes that are as stirring as they are relaxing. These famous works of art have been compiled with your relaxation in mind.

Another relaxing sound is from
Bach: The Complete Brandenburg Concertos

music therapy sound waves

Music Therapy is Growing by Leaps and Bounds...

Enhanced Healing through Relaxation Music
Relaxation music, positive affirmation, hypnosis recordings and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness, healing and improving self esteem.

Music therapy is not all about relaxation. This has also been found to be beneficial in the medical field in helping the autistic children and their parents - Music Therapy for the Autistic Child is the first book of its kind to analyze the effect of music therapy on the development of the autistic child.

It gives detailed accounts of the music therapy techniques found to be effective with different types of autistic children. Reflecting the depth of research music therapy has received over the last ten years and its important position within the whole therapy of autistic children. This describes how parents can be involved with their autistic children in the therapeutic process, and illustrates the problems and rewards found in the musical and personal relationships which evolve.


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