Rejuvenate your power and energy within minutes.

The object of meditation is to make your mind a blank slate and clear all those congested thoughts then your mind is able to view situations from new perspectives.

Many Individuals view this technique in a different light. It truly depends on your experience and in-depth training of the subject matter.

The more you practice and learn the more that you are able to master your own thoughts.

For the purpose of creating balance in your life it is very useful. This form of relaxation allows you to give your mind the needed break in thoughts so that you can quiet your mind and feel revitalized in about a twenty minute time frame.

meditation statue
There are many additional sites on meditation that can help you learn and grow in this area of development.

There is not a specific encounter you are supposed to have depending on your state of mind you will have a variety of outcomes. For this exercise we are specifically trying to focus on our breathing and train our mind to react in the direction of our suggestion.
When positioning yourself, try to avoid lying on your bed. The floor, preferably with carpet, and a small pillow to prop under your head will be more effective.

Many times people lie in bed at night and rehash their day’s activities or plan tomorrow’s projects and errands. If you place yourself in this situation your mind will tend to wander more than usual and it will be hard to wipe your mind free of thoughts.

Revert to your breathing techniques, placing your focus on the rise and fall of your chest as your lungs fill with air and then slowly exhale.

Stress Breathing Techniques

If you have not met your objective which is to focus on your breathing continue to think positive. Discouragement will only feed the negativity that we are trying to exclude from our lives.

visualization realxation

To Learn more details on meditation and start your practice today take a look at my e-book Meditation - The Guide To Self-Enlightenment

There are many guided imagery recordings in CD form so that you can maintain your focus on the voice and the visualization of the exercise.

The room for expansion is vast and the benefits are numerous. If this is your choice for stress reduction, you may want to find a professional practitioner who is able to guide you further into the realms of other dimensions.

Your ultimate goal in any meditation setting is to reduce stress, and achieve mental peace and tranquility.

If you still struggle to clear your thoughts, use the below link that relates to the quick fix, to take you to a brief visualization that may assist you. You may also want to try some various yoga practices.


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