What is Happiness All About Anyway...

There has been much research on happiness.

Throughout history and different cultures individuals have tried to dissect and give scientific feedback about this jolly feeling. What is it? How does it work? Where does it come from? What does it mean? Many have stated their opinion of how they viewed this word or feeling.

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This is my opinion:

Although you may be able to define it, it is not something you can see or touch, it is inside of you. When searching for it only you can determine whether it will be found.

Some individuals I believe think that it is something that jumps out in front of them and they walk right smack into it. It just appears, and if it doesn't just appear they feel cheated and abandoned. What's wrong with me? Why didn't I get any?

I dread to tell you but I don't believe that you will walk smack into it and it's not something that jumps out of the darkness.
It is what we do each day that determines the amount
of joy that we experience.

Happiness and Joy

We tend to take the things that make us smile for granted but these are the things that happen in our every day life that if you don't stop to acknowledge
them in that moment then it goes un-noticed.

If it goes un-noticed then who is to say that it ever happened. Therefore even if there is many moments of joy in your life it becomes invisible to your heart.

You need to enjoy these priceless pleasures when they occur, then do the same for the next small token of joy that makes you smile and so on.

Then as you stop to smell the roses, so to speak, every time a tidbit of joy passes you by these nuggets will start to link one to another forming a noticeable string of happiness.

Not every moment of every day will you be bursting with joy but to feel it we need to stop and acknowledge those things that bring us joy.

Finding your joy is determined by how you perceive your life. You yourself will be the one who determines how much happiness you experience in any given day.

If you seem to experience more sadness, frustration, and dread in your days then you do moments of joy then most likely there is something in your life that weighs heavy on your heart and mind creating this bourdon of sadness.

To release this sadness you must find out what is generating it and make a decision as to how you are going to start changing this area of your life. See: identify your unhappiness.


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