Eye Relaxation

Eye relaxation and/or eye therapy has had to become an integral part of a daily and weekly regimen for overall general eye health.

The main reasons for this alert to eye health stems from our vast expansion in computer use as well as the substantial decay of the earth protective ozone layer.

Sun rays, stress, more work, less sleep, and fatigue can cause red puffy bloodshot eyes that need relief.

eye relaxation computer

Computer monitors:

Squinting and straining the eye muscles to focus on the bright computer screens causes more stress on the eyes optic nerve.

The more hours you spend pecking on the keyboard and watching a blinking curser the more stress you place on these nerves.

There is also harmful substances called ‘free radicals’, these are unstable oxygen molecules that cause cell damage.

UV (ultra violet) rays – Most individuals think running to the store or playing catch in the back yard are short term exposure to the suns rays and therefore cause no need to protect the eyes.

This was a more accurate statement years ago but due to atmospheric changes it has become imperative to protect your eyes at all times from the rays of ultra violet sunlight.

Utilize eye creams and eye relaxation techniques to keep your eyes healthy and looking young.

eye relaxation UV rays

Exposing your eyes to UV light damages the proteins within the lens of your eyes. As these damaged proteins group together this ultimately results in the formation of cataracts. Your goal should be to filter 95-100% of the suns UV rays.

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