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Do you control your appetite or does it control you? Do you get food cravings or eat out of stress? I do, and I have been getting fairly tired of it. One of the weight-loss strategies I found involved a Neuro-Linguistic Programming approach called “Vaporize Your Appetite!”

The NLP practitioner who wrote it, Alan B. Densky, CH, recorded six sessions using a combination of techniques from Ericksonian hypnotherapy and NLP.

It was developed for people who, like me, struggle with overeating because of boredom, stress responses, or habit. I thought; why not give it a shot. After all, it was inexpensive, and I hoped it would work better than my diets had.

I started listening to the sessions on the CD's and quickly noticed a difference. I was less likely to turn to food at the least excuse. I also began to notice that I stopped eating when I was full, and pretty much lost my cravings for the snacks between meals. Controlling your appetite comes naturally once you are given the knowledge of how to do it.

This program isn't designed to be a miracle diet program, because to tell you the truth, it isn't a diet program at all. What this program actually does is to suppress your appetite. No, to be really accurate I'd have to say that what this program does is to eliminate your appetite. How? It helps you to get rid of your cravings, compulsions, and feelings of hunger so you can control your appetite and automatically eat less. And when you just don't have the drive to shove food in your mouth anymore you lose weight.

You do have to find or make time to listen to the CDs, or they won’t be of any use. Time is the key to any weight loss program. The weight gain didn't happen overnight, and the weight loss won't happen overnight either. If you are looking to lose 50 lbs. within the next 30 days, then I suggest that you look in the yellow pages for a good magician.

But if you are willing to be realistic, with this program, your eating habits will quickly change and you will gain the ability to control your appetite and become healthier. This CD will not only help you to gain control over your appetite but your self-esteem will improve, and you will like the way you look and feel after you check out "Vaporize Your Appetite!" and shed those extra pounds!

After you take that first step, and gain the knowledge of controlling your appetite the positive results and positive comments from your friends and this CD will keep you right on track. No more fighting the cravings or feeling as though you just can’t get enough to eat.

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